Trailed beach cleaning machine BeachTech BT2000

Trailed beach cleaning machine BeachTech BT2000

The compact and economical model Beach Tech 2000 is ideal for cleaning medium-sized beaches. The machine has a lightweight and compact design, has a high maneuverability, which allows it to be used for cleaning in difficult conditions, such as soft sand or uneven terrain.

Beach Tech 2000 can be attached to any tractor with a capacity of 70 hp. (55 kW) with a nominal shaft speed of 1000 rpm./min. Centralized control of the cleaning method allows to minimize fuel consumption. Beach Tech 2000 can clean up up to 20,000 m² per hour of dry sand and up to 10,000 m² of wet sand. The machine has low noise properties, and the full hydraulic drive and cooling system supports the smooth operation of the sifting conveyor and lifting device. Beach Tech 2000 combines compact size and high efficiency at a reasonable price.

Beach Tech 2000 — has proven cleaning technology using raking, sieving and a combined technology. As a bonus you get a traditional BeachTech “velvetoed” path of pure sand. The beach will be beautiful and safe.

Raking: for surface cleaning of wet and moist sand.

Sieving: deep cleaning for wet and dry sand, cleaning of oil stains.

Combined technology: dry and wet sand cleaning, surf strip cleaning.

Technical characteristics:

Cleaning width800 m
Cleaning efficiency20,000 m²/h
Cleaning depth200 mm
Maximum speed12 km/h
Length – total5 450 mm
Width2 610 mm
Height2 100 mm
Height at unloading2 600 mm
Total hopper volume1.5 m³
Working weight1 800 kg
Maximum weight2 800 kg
EngineTowing tractor with at least 70 hp engine and all-wheel drive
Engine PTO speed540 rpm

Sand, sea water and high humidity are excellent conditions for corrosion. Beach Tech is specially designed for use on the sea coasts:

  • Electroplating: corrosion protection is guaranteed even if the paint layer is slightly damaged
  • Primer: 2-component high-resistant primer
  • Painting: 2-component acrylic paint is not exposed to sea water


  • The pump mounted on the splines to increase maneuverability
  • Wheel for constant cleaning depth control (optional)
  • Continuous tensioning system of the sift mesh (optional)
  • Brush — working width — 1000 mm
  • Garbage container
  • Vacuum cleaner — for cleaning leaves and debris: 2 height-adjustable wheels, a collection bag with a capacity of 270 l
  • Trash bin. Capacity — 140 l. 2 wheels for heel protection
  • Front scraper for cutting small dunes, working width — 1000 mm
  • Spreader – 60 liters, suitable for sand, salt and fertilizer
  • Rotary snow plough — 850×600 mm
  • Lawn mower