Self-propelled beach cleaning machine BeachTech Marina

Self-propelled beach cleaning machine BeachTech Marina

Beach Tech Marina self-propelled beach cleaning machine is characterized by high productivity and maneuverability. The turning radius is only 1.7 m, which makes it easy to go around umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach.

Four-wheel drive and high permeability allows you to clean beaches with any terrain, move from one beach to another, as well as collect garbage, located at the edge of the water and in the water near the shore. In addition, the machine can be used as a vehicle for transportation of umbrellas, refrigerators for ice cream, beach equipment.

The machine can operate in 3 modes: sieving sand to a depth of 20 cm (for dry sand), scrubbing debris from the surface (for wet sand, as well as for cleaning coastal debris at the water edge), combined technology.  Modes can be easily switched from the driver’s cabin using a joystick. Vibration of the sift elevator belt allows to collect even the smallest garbage (cigarette butts, etc.). The rubber sand leveler attached to the rear of the machine perfectly smoothly aligns the sand surface.

The capacity of the machine is up to 15,000 m² per hour. Beach Tech Marina can be equipped with a front brush, snow blade, lawn mower, which will ensure its multifunctional use: sweeping sands from tracks, cutting lawns, winter cleaning.

Technical characteristics:

Cleaning width1400 m
Cleaning efficiency15000 m²/h
Cleaning depth200 mm
Maximum speed – working / transport15 / 32 km/h
Length – total5785 mm
Width with standard wheels1650 mm
Height2060 mm
Height at unloading1600 mm
Total hopper volume0.5 m³
Working weight2500 kg
Maximum weight3500 kg
EngineKubota 31KW, 42 HP, turbodiesel, 97/68/EG, EPA Tier II, engine volume – 1,498 cm³ (1.5 l), cylinder quantity – 4

Technical specifications of Beach Tech Marina


  • 2 axles
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic regulation
  • Switching the reduction gear on/off
  • Switching the front axle lock on/off
  • Chassis and all steel parts are made of high quality steel
  • All parts of the chassis and main components are galvanized by a high temperature method, which provides protection against salt water

Cabin: Closed cabin with ventilation, wipers and heating, equipped with driver and passenger seat.


  • Kubota V 1505-T-B; EPA Tier II turbo diesel, 4 cylinders
  • Working volume – 1 498 cm³ (1.5 l)
  • Engine power, kW/hp — 31/42 at 3000 rpm. /min.
  • Torque — 119 kN at 2000. /min.
  • Alternator — 12W/60A (720 V)
  • Battery — 12 W/74A

Painting: two-component acrylic paint.

Cleaning methods:

  • Raking
  • Sieving
  • Combination of raking and sieving

Sieving system:

  • Optimal sand sieving system due to the new concept of sieving belt elevator with high speed of rotation
  • The sieving belt is available with the width of the loop: 17 mm, 25 mm or 30 mm

Garbage loading system:

  • Capacity of the hopper 0.5 m³
  • Unloading height 1600 mm
  • It is possible to unload garbage directly into the garbage container

All control is made from the cabin.

The following functions are controlled from the cabin:

  • Raising and lowering the garbage collection system, sieving depth control (controlled by a joystick from the cabin)
  • Activation of raking, sieving, combined mode (joystick)
  • Unloading of the hopper
  • Control of engine speed
  • Raising and lowering the sand leveling system

Additional equipment can be installed:

  • Snow removal
  • Scraper
  • Front brush
  • Lawn mower