Manual beach cleaning machine BeachTech Sweepy Hydro

Manual beach cleaning machine BeachTech Sweepy Hydro

The new, improved machine Beach Tech Sweepy Hydro is the result of the experience that the manufacturer has collected over the years of production of the previous model Beach Tech Sweepy.

The machine is ideal for cleaning small beaches, children’s sandboxes, volleyball courts and other areas. Additional equipment allows to use the machine all year round and makes it efficient and economical. Thanks to the vibrating screen, both wet and dry sand can be effectively cleaned. For example, the screen collects cigarette butts, glass fragments, chips, stones, excrement and much more. Depending on the degree of contamination, the sand can be sifted to a depth of 0 to 12 cm. Thanks to its high maneuverability, Sweepy Hydro perfectly cleans around sun loungers and umbrellas.

It is an effective extension to large Beach Tech machines.

Technical characteristics:

NameMachine specifications:
Cleaning width, m:1 050
Cleaning depth, mm:Up to 120
Cleaning width, m:1 050
Maximum speed, km/h:6.5
Length – total, mm:2 650
Width, mm:1 195
Adjustable height, mm:1 000 to 1 600
Container capacity, l:44
Total container volume, l:80
EngineRobin (Subaru) 9.1 HP/6 ,7 kW, 4-stroke, petrol, with cooling system, hydrostatic transmission
Cleaning equipment:Interchangeable double screens with holes of different sizes

Additional equipment:

  • Brush — working width — 1000 mm
  • Garbage container
  • Vacuum cleaner — for removal of leaves and debris: two height-adjustable wheels, a collection bag with a capacity of 270 liters
  • Trash bin. Capacity — 140 liters. Two wheels for tilt prevention
  • Front scraper for cutting small dunes, working width — 1 000 mm
  • Spreader – 60 liters, suitable for sand, salt and fertilizer
  • Rotary snow plough — 850×600 mm
  • Lawn mower