All-season vacuum-mechanical sweeper machine Biostrada TEC 5.2

 All-season vacuum-mechanical sweeper machine Biostrada TEC 5.2

The Italian company BioStrada S.r.l. is a young, dynamic and advanced in the production and sale of environmentally friendly sweeper machines.

The company takes the importance of environmental protection seriously, choosing to produce the best components with minimal environmental impact.

Innovative self-propelled vacuum-mechanical BioStrada TEC5.2 of Italian production is an improved front suspension with the ability to change ground clearance depending on the size of obstacles and the largest in its class useful volume of the container for swept material (5.5 m³ of total and 4.9 m³ of useful volume).

Technical specifications:

Length:standard machine5 346 mm
Length: st.m. + third front brush + suction hose at the rear of the body6 890 mm
Width without side brushes1 930 mm
Width: with side brushes2 250 mm
Height with flashing beacon3 100 mm
Mass and volumesmm, kg, l, m³
Total weight of the vehicle13 700 kg
Load capacity5 000 kg
Waste discharge height1 250 / 2 300 mm
The volume of the garbage container5.5 m³
Water tank volume560 l
Hydraulic oil tank capacity300 l
Fuel tank capacity120 l
 Performance characteristicsmm, km/h
Cleaning width: with central brush1,320 mm
Cleaning width: with central and side brushes2 700 mm
Cleaning width: with central, side and front brushes3 600 mm
Sweeping speed0 — 20 km/h
Transport speed (with speed limitation)0 — 40 km/h
Rotation radius5 600 mm