Trailed sweeper machine Broddson Nordic

Trailed sweeper machine Broddson Nordic

Nordic is our pride! BRODDSON NORDIC sweeper uses elevator type unloading. Always ready to work and does not require long preparation to start cleaning.

The hydraulic valve unit is well protected from external influences and, at the same time, easily accessible for maintenance. Hydraulically driven water pump is already included in the basic configuration. Floating suspension of side brushes. Brush material – steel/polypropylene. Side shift of the drawbar for asymmetric sweeping. It has a hopper of more than 3.1 cubic meters and an unloading height of 2640 mm. Nordic can be equipped with a suction device with a filter to operate according to PM10 standards. Thus, the machine fully complies with European environmental standards. NORDIC comes with our unique brush, which made of various materials. The joystick and control panel can be positioned anywhere in the cabin.

Standard equipment:

• Hydraulic pump
• Irrigation system
• Brush material — polypropylene/steel
• Manual lifting and lowering of the support
• Side shift of the frame to the left/right
• Adjustable elevator height
• Tilt adjustment of the right side brush
• Working lighting
• Warning signs and two flashing beacons


• Rear view camera
• Centralized lubrication system
• High pressure washer
• Tilt adjustment of left side brush
• Possibility to turn the left side brush off
• Suction device with PM10 filter
• Painting in customer colors

The machine is easily accessible for maintenance and repair.

Trailed sweeper machine Broddson Nordic

Technical specifications:

Tractor requirementsPower not less than 48 kW (65 hp), PTO – 540 rpm.
Gross volume of the hopper for swept material3100 l
Hydraulic tank capacity160 l
Water tank volume1100 l
Water pump capacity30 l/min
Tyres225/75 x 17.5”
Working width2300-2800 mm
Length4570 mm
Width1870 mm
Height2260 mm
Loading height2640 mm
Curb weight3180 kg
Total weight8000 kg