Trailed sweeper machine Broddson Scandia

scandia 2w

Our most powerful road cleaning machine with a capacity of 1.2 tons per minute. Each machine is assembled manually, which means that it is manufactured strictly according to customer requirements. Scandia comes with John Deere engines that meet today’s environmental and economic standards. Reliable hydraulic system with durable blocks and valves.

Cleaning width up to 3 meters – no matter what garbage on the road, Scandia will remove everything! It can be equipped with a hydraulically controlled ripper for effective removal of dirt on curbs. A simple control panel is installed inside the cabin. Wireless remote control is available.

Comes with our unique brush made of reliable materials.

Standard equipment:

  • Brush material — polypropylene/steel
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering of the support
  • Adjustable elevator height
  • Tilt adjustment of the right side brush
  • Working lighting
  • Warning signs and two flashing beacons

Optional accessories:

  • Rear view camera
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Ripper
  • High pressure washer
  • Pneumatic braking system
  • Tilt adjustment of left side brush
  • Wireless remote control for the car
  • Painting in customer colors

Trailed sweeper machine Broddson Scandia

Technical specifications:

Operating ambient temperatureFrom + 50° C to -10° C (at negative temperatures the irrigation system is not used)
Total length, mm6600
Length without conveyor, mm4000
Overall width2800
Width without side brushes, mm2260
Height in operating mode, mm3550
Weight in running order, kg4100
Sweeping width, mm2500
Sweeping speed, km/h0.5 / 25
Transport speed, km/hUp to 40
Sweeping performance, t/min.Up to 1.2
EngineProvides operation at constant speed at variable load. The engine control system provides automatic shutdown in case of overheating, in case of pressure drop in the lubrication system. Turbocharger system.
Engine typeJohn Deere 4045 TF 280 turbodiesel 61.5 kW or John Deere 5030 TF 270 turbodiesel 61.5 kW
Fuel filters2 (coarse and fine cleaning)
Fuel system volume, l80
Electrical equipmentWorking light on the side brushes. Two flashing beacons.
Electric system of machine control, V12
Tail lamps are connected to the electric system of the dump truck, V12
Brake system2 brake shoes for each wheel
WheelsSize 225/75 R 17.5
ElevatorThe elevator is closed with aluminum sheet. Possibility of lifting the elevator to increase the capacity.
Number of elevator belts, pcs.3
Number of elevator scrapers, pcs.23
Width of transport tape, mm700
Length of conveyor belt by rotary rollers, mm3300
ConveyorAdjustment of the speed of the tape for uniform distribution of swept material in the truck body is performed remotely. Front location of the drive hydraulic motor.
Side brushesManual adjustment of the brush: number of pile on the brush, clamping, angle of inclination in the longitudinal and transverse direction.
Number of side brushes, pcs.2
Diameter of side brushes, mm1150
Back brushManual adjustment of the brush pressing force. Special chopper to prevent sand from being thrown through the brush.
Width of the back brush, mm1200
Diameter of the back brush, mm900
Total volume of irrigation system, l1150
Type of water pumpHydromotor driven high pressure diaphragm pump
Pressure adjustment, bar1 – 12
Flow rate of water pump, l/min.30
Hydraulic systemA gear pump is installed at the engine crankshaft outlet to drive all the working moments of the machine. High pressure filter is installed. Hydraulic distributor with electric proportional valves. Hydraulic oil radiator.
Flow70 l/min
Pressure, bar.190
Hydrooil tank, l210
Control buttons on the control panel in the truck driver’s cabin* switching the sweeping equipment on/off
* switching the engine on/off
* looser unit down/up
* control of conveyor belt speed
* reverse rotation of the elevator
* engine oil pressure indicator lamp
* switching beacons and working lights on/off
Additional equipmentRipper for compacted dirt along curbs.