Towed sand spreaders Falkopping

{:ru}Навесные пескоразбрасыватели Falkopping{:}{:en}Mounted sand spreaders Falkopping{:}

Towed and mounted sand/salt spreaders for tractors are designed for distribution of anti-icing materials. They have different spread widths, suitable for use with most foreign and domestic tractors.

Reliability and durability are provided by a simple kinematic power take-off scheme with minimal parts and effective corrosion protection. Hinged models have a hydraulic synchronized drive.

Depending on the type, models can be equipped with additional equipment:

  • Remote activation from the driver’s cabin
  • Mixing machine
  • Hydraulic lifting cylinders
  • Remote control of the amount of distributed substance
  • Box volume magnifier
  • Electric heating of the pickup board

Technical characteristics:

Volume, m³2.
Weight, kg62554550020020090270225175
Type of Unittowedtowedtowedtowedtowedtowedhingedhingedhinged
Length, mm2150165014501,50011001080213016301130
Width, mm27402740274011001100870850850690
Height, mm1350130013009501100810900900900
Working width (m)
Range without refueling, km
Spreading range radius, m2.
Quantity of dispersed substance, g/m3
Maximum spreading speed, km/h303030303030carriercarriercarrier
Hydraulic flow, l/min20-13020-13020-13020-4020-4020-4010-200.50.3


The principle of operation of the equipment: Towed sand spreaders Falkopping

  1. Sand-salt mixture hopper
  2. Mixer to improve the flow of the mixture (optional)
  3. Rubber pads for passage of stones up to 50 mm
  4. Rubber gaskets
  5. Pickup board with triangular projection
  6. Electric heating to prevent sand and salt mixture from being frozen to the pickup board (optional)