Trailed beach cleaning machine CHERRINGTON 440 XL

Trailed beach cleaning machine CHERRINGTON 440 XL

Efficient and economical cleaning of the beach with Cherrington 440 XL is done as follows: sand goes to the oscillating screen, sifted there, all particles exceeding the cell size remain, and the sand returns to the beach.

Cherrington is a uniquely efficient and economical choice of garbage cleaning in a variety of locations: from beach maintenance to sports grounds, equestrian arenas, and even in agriculture .

With Cherrington, the trash will not remain on the beach: the proof is in the hopper. Quick-change wire screens are available with different cell sizes to meet the specific needs of the work.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (l * w * h)3302 * 1753 * 1702 mm
Working width1219 mm
Sieving depthup to 10 cm
Hopper volume0.4 m³
Working speedup to 7 km/h
Hopper discharge typeHydraulic
Hopper discharge height1524 mm
Tractor requirements30-45 l/s, 3-point suspension, PTO 540 rpm.