Sweeper machine HP6000 “TwinAction”

Sweeper machine HP6000 "TwinAction"

HP6000 is a high efficiency 6 m³ sweeper machine, combining the power of two units in one.

The powerful TwinAction mechanism sucks dust with PM10 diameter and reduces water consumption. The system saves up to 100,000 liters of water per year.

TwinAction works even on bumpy road surfaces such as tree roots or protruding hatches. Since no element of the machine, except the central brush, is in direct contact with the ground, no breakage or excessive wear is threatening.

The new estimate fence system drastically reduces wear and maintenance costs of mechanical parts, thanks to a hydraulically controlled central mechanical shaft made of steel.

The large filtering surface and the efficiency of the dust-air system for air intake distribution ensure the return of completely clean air to the environment.

Technical characteristics:

Working width of the center brush140 cm
Working width of the side brush183 cm
Working width of the third brush345 cm
Diesel engine140 l/s
Drainage typeHydraulic
Volume of the bunker6 m ³
Filtering surface50 m ²