Sand-spreading bucket Holms SB

Sand-spreading bucket Holms SB

Sand-spreading buckets Holms SB 1.0 (rear-mounted) and Holms SB 2.4 (front-mounted) are controlled dosing devices for efficient sand, salt or stone crumb spreading. Buckets are durable and optimal in shape; they are easily filled with material directly from the embankment. Thoughtful design of the hydraulic drive of the sand spreader ensures minimal temperature growth and low flow of hydraulic oil without compromising the performance of other carrier units.

Due to the fact that the bucket is specially designed for use in aggressive environments with high salt content, it is treated by hot galvanizing. This method of processing is more expensive than painting, but it is economically profitable, pays off quickly in case of intensive work and increases the service life of the equipment.

  • Chopper stirrer — the spreading material can contain lumps and large pressed or frozen pieces, therefore, a chopper is offered as an additional equipment. The stirrer uses reciprocating movements instead of rotational ones, which reduces the risk of injury
  • Optimum amount of spreading material – the standard package of buckets includes the speed control of the dosing roll. Precise dosage means removing slipperiness as well as minimal costs for inert materials
  • Control of the rotation of the dispensing roll from the operator’s cabin – by means of radio control – additional equipment.

 Additional equipment and accessories:

  • Chopper — buckets can be equipped with a stirrer during the period of direct use
  • Radio-controlled control of the speed of rotation of the dosing roll — for remote change of the amount of the dispersed material during the movement of the carrier

Technical characteristics:

Sand-spreading bucket SB1.02.4
Overall width (m)2.12.5
Material volume (m³)1.02.4
Weight, empty bucket (kg)400800
Oil flow min. /max. (l)40/18040/180