Hinged cylindrical brush Нolms SH with hydraulic drive

Hinged cylindrical brush Нolms SH with hydraulic drive

Big, smart and agile

 Holms SH is a hinged hydraulic cylinder brush for front mounting on large tractors, middle class front wheel loaders and trucks. The unique balancing system excludes support wheels. The system ensures optimal pressure of the brush and follows the profile of the removed surface. As a result, it is possible to achieve better results and minimum wear. Using our brush, you can work faster and more efficiently than with equipment of other manufacturers. The brush shaft is rotated by two direct drive motors located inside the axis.

Durability and reliability, axle supports which do not require maintenance, as well as well-functioning production technology, proven by time, significantly reduce operating costs.

Holms SH mounted brushes are available in three widths, each with quick connection nozzles, parking supports, hooks, bolts, mudguards regulating the range of emission (for snow) and the rotation of the brush. It is possible to change the angle of rotation mechanically, hydraulically or electrically hydraulically. Irrigation system with a water volume of 600 liters is possible. Irrigation (on/off) and electro-hydraulic rotation are controlled from the cab using Holms universal cable. The optimal configuration is selected depending on the width of the carrier’s track, the parameters of its hydraulic system (flow), and where the equipment is to be used.

Technical specifications:

Sweeper machine Holms SH2.53.03.5
Maximum width (m)
Weight excluding hooks (kg)470500530
Working width at full reversal of 30° (m)2.22.63
Weight with 600 l filled water tank (kg)127013001330
Diameter of sweeping brush roller (m)0.9150.9150.915
Oil flow, min/max. (l/min)70/21070/21070/210
Full oil flow, min/max. (l/min)70/35070/35070/350

Additional equipment and accessories:

  • Irrigation system with water tank, capacity of 600 liters
  • Holms lifting function — lift to transport position by means of hydraulics for carriers without lifting mechanism (trucks)
  • Connecting device — for equipment connection/disconnection (need Holms hydraulic lift function)
  • Manual tilt mounting for carriers with non-tilt mounting system (trucks)
  • Lateral displacement — complete set for the brushes to the right/left by + / – 0.7 m using hydraulics. Oil flow limiter for hydraulic system of wheeled loaders Volvo L110E, L120E
  • Additional pile kit — for quick replacement of the brush
  • Radio control of irrigation and rotation of the brush