Mounted sand spreaders Falkopping

Mounted sand spreaders Falkopping

Attachment spreaders for front loaders are designed for distribution of anti-icing materials in industrial and urban areas. The front loader equipped with such equipment can load the de-icing mixture without additional equipment — using the spreader body as a bucket. They have different spread widths, adapted for hinges on most models of front loaders. Reliability and durability are provided by a simple kinematic power take-off scheme with minimal parts and effective corrosion protection. All models have hydraulic synchronized drive mechanisms. Models depending on the type can be equipped with additional equipment:

  • Mixing machine
  • Hydraulic pusher rod (S3/S5)
  • Electric flow control
  • Electric heating selection board

Technical characteristics:

Volume, m³2.
Weight, kg650575340340265220190
Length, mm2630213021302130163016301130
Width, mm155015501200120012001080920
Height, mm118011808308301200710710
Operation range without refueling (sand), km9955533
Spreading range radius, m2.
Hydraulic flow, l/min20-13020-13020-13020-4020-4020-4010-20

The principle of operation of the equipment:

  • Sand-salt mixture hopper
  • Mixer to improve the flow of the mixture (optional)
  • Rubber pads for passage of stones up to 50 mm
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Pickup board with triangular projection
  • Electric heating to prevent sand and salt mixture from being frozen to the pickup board (optional)