Sweeper machine Holms SU with garbage container

Sweeper machine Holms SU with garbage container

Simple, smart, exquisite

Holms SU is a small but dexterous sweeper unit for compact wheel loaders, tractors and tilt-turn loaders. The machine is designed with a small number of components and a small number of moving parts, which, together with minimal brush wear, ensures low operating costs. Pressure washing at the end of work is often the only thing that is required to make it ready for the next working day.

Holms SU comes complete with irrigation system, hydraulic hoses with quick connection connections, electrical cables to control the unit from the operator’s cabin, tilt and height indicators, as well as fastening hooks.

We recommend ordering also a side brush and selecting support wheels: 3 (complete with movable fastening frame) – for tractors and compact loaders or 1 (front) – for skid steer loaders. The selection brush is suspended in a unique lever system that allows it to follow the profile of the retractable surface both in the longitudinal direction and in height. The suspension also guarantees optimal, uniform pressing of the brush and a constant distance to the waste container. This improves cleaning quality with minimal wear and tear of the brush without adjustments and adjustments. Holms SU design provides good visibility even when working on small carriers. The machine is available in different widths – there are 3 options to choose from. The mounting system is mounted on the frame with bolts, which allows easy change of fastening hooks.

Technical specifications

Sweeping unit HOLMS SU1.51.852.15
Working width (m)1.51.852.15
Useful amount of garbage (l)170220250
Max. width (m)1.61.952.25
Weight excluding hooks (kg)290305320
Max. height excluding hooks (m)
Weight with side brush and three support wheels (kg)110110110
Brush diameter0.60.60.6
Weight with filled hopper, water tank, side brush and support wheels (kg)90010501100
Volume of water tank (l)190240240
Min / max. oil flow (l/min)(50/80)(50/80)(50/80)

Additional equipment and accessories:

  • Side brush — right-side or left-side
  • Additional pile kit — for quick replacement of the brush
  • Radio control of irrigation