Sweeper unit Нolms 300 with garbage container

Sweeper unit Нolms 300 with garbage container

Big, “smart”, exquisite

Holms 300 is a large class sweeper unit designed for professional work and mounted on compact, large wheel loaders, tractors and middle class front wheel loaders. Holms’ unique balancing system eliminates the need for support wheels. The high speed of operation, the slope of the retractable surface and the optimum pressure of the brush made the Holms 300 one of the most cost-effective sweeping machines on the market.

Standard equipment includes water tank with irrigation system, electric cables for control of trays and irrigation system from the cabin, hydraulic hoses with quick couplings, height/tilt indicators and fastening hooks (for installation on the most common carrier models). The hooks are mounted on the frame with bolts for easy replacement. For more efficient cleaning of streets along the curbs, the machine can be equipped with one or two additional tray brushes, which can be mounted on the left / right or both sides of the machine. The brush is driven by two direct-acting hydraulic motors installed inside the brush axis. Holms 300 sweeping machines are available in three widths and with two different hydraulic motors, type 2000 or 4000. The optimal configuration is selected depending on the width of the carrier track, the parameters of its hydraulic system (flow), as well as on where the equipment is to be used.

Technical specifications:

Sweeper unit HOLMS 3002.22.53.0
Working width (m)
Useful amount of garbage (l)550660700
Max. width (m)
Unladen weight excluding hooks (kg)470570650
Max. height excluding hooks (m)
Weight with filled hopper and water tank, without side brush (kg)139519352055
Brush diameter0.70.70.7
Volume of water tank (l)400400400
Oil flow, hydraulic motor 2000, min/max. (l/min)60/13060/130
Oil flow, hydraulic motor 4000, min/max. (l/min)100100

Additional equipment and accessories:

  • Side brush — can be installed on the right, left or both sides
  • Additional pile kit — for quick replacement of the brush
  • Hydraulic flow limiter when working with some loaders, e.g. Volvo L110E, L120E
  • Radio control of side brushes and irrigation