Vacuum sweeper machine Tenax Cleanair 5.0

{:ru}Подметально-уборочная машина Tenax Electra 1.0 Neo{:}{:en}Vacuum sweeper machine Tenax Electra 1.0 Neo{:}

Safe and simple

Everything is under control on board the new Tenax CleanAir 5.0 — a large and comfortable panoramic noise-insulated cabin where every detail is in place to ensure a simple and fast control of all working functions of the machine. Thanks to the combined action of the front brush unit and the powerful suction system, Tenax CleanAir 5.0 works accurately and quickly.

Independent side brushes and large stainless steel suction socket accurately follow the shape of the pavement, ensuring efficient operation.

The side system for unloading of the swept material allows the operator to empty the hopper safely and without leaving the cabin.

 Third front brush

The third front brush provides even greater sweeping width and allows cleaning in hard-to-reach places and curbs.

 Suction hose

Mounted on a swivel support with a socket, it is an effective system for collecting leaves, debris in hard-to-reach areas and for quick cleaning of effluents.

 High pressure washer

High pressure washer (140 bar) — necessary for daily maintenance of the machine at the end of the shift.

Technical characteristics:

DimensionsLength — 4600 mm, length with 3rd brush — 5400 mm, width — 1830 mm, height — 2600 mm, wheelbase — 2200 mm
WeightCurb weight — 5200 kg, load capacity — 5800 kg, maximum weight — 11000 kg
Engine4-cylinder turbodiesel Iveco — power 118 kW (160 hp), Euro 5
TransmissionElectrically controlled hydrostatic drive
BrakesWith hydraulic power amplifier, front disc brakes, rear drum brakes
SteeringWith electro-hydraulic amplifier, turning radius 4890 mm
SuctionAir flow 14000 m³/h, stainless steel suction socket, automatic collection device for large garbage
TanksFuel tank 135 l, water 750 l (stainless steel tank)
Trash binStainless steel — volume 5 m ³, lateral unloading on the right side — unloading height 1700 mm
PerformanceWorking width — 2400-3200 mm, working speed — 0-20 km/h, transport speed — 0-40 km/h