Vacuum sweeper machine Tenax Electra 1.0 Neo

Vacuum sweeper machine Tenax Electra 1.0 Neo

Patented eco-technological revolution

Tenax Electra 1.0 is an innovative approach for mechanized cleaning in places where only a janitor can normally operate.

The electric drive and fully electric control of all functions (from manoeuvring to suction) ensure maximum performance and high self-sufficiency without contamination, providing a significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

Absence of hydraulic components prevents the risk of accidental oil leakage. The high suction power combined with the filtration system, according to the PM10 standard, provides excellent sweeping on any surface without the use of water.

100% environmental friendliness — completely electric machine, without harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

 Silent — only electric motors are used for movement and cleaning.

Cleanliness — the filter element holds 99.8% of dust according to PM10 standard.

Greater operation time: Tenax Electra 1.0 rechargeable batteries provide up to 9 hours of continuous operation.

Versatility – can work both on public roads and in yards and parks.

Technical specifications

DimensionsLength — 2790 mm, width — 980 mm, height — 1910 mm, wheelbase — 1480 mm, turning radius — 2670 mm, cleaning width — 1600 mm
WeightCurb weight — 1800 kg, load capacity — 350 kg, maximum weight — 2150 kg
DriveElectric motors on rear wheels, electronic inverter control with braking generation and torque control
Electric motorsAsynchronous, AC, 5 kW power at constant mode
Batteries2×48 V*1000 Ah, removable, acid/lithium, operation time 8-9 hours
Brakes4 wheel foot brake, disc rear brakes in oil bath, electromechanical parking brake on rear wheels
SuspensionFront and rear independent suspension
SteeringWith electric power amplifier
Suction systemFan drive, AC electric motor with adjustable speed, steel suction socket
Pickup system2 brushes, ø 650 mm, front position, rotation speed up to 90 rpm, polyester filter element, 10 m² filtration area, electric filter shaker, 2 spray nozzles on brushes
The hopper for swept materialStandard container 360 l