Vacuum sweeper machine Tenax Electra 2.0 Neo

Vacuum sweeper machine Tenax Electra 2.0 Neo

Tenax Electra 2.0 is a new benchmark among urban sweepers, combining low environmental impact with efficient operation and low operating costs.

Tenax Electra 2.0 combines advanced electrical control architecture with the latest automotive advances and functional sweeping solutions.

Along with high efficiency and long battery life, Tenax Electra 2.0 guarantees no pollutant emissions and low noise, significantly reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Comes with acid or lithium batteries.

Modern — spacious, compact, manoeuvrable with zero emissions.

Simple and convenient for the operator: a wide panoramic cabin, a single remote control to control all functions and parameters of the machine. Ergonomic operator seat.

Compact, manoeuvrable, efficient, with a unique automatic brush pressing system. Four swivel wheels allow you to move along a given path.

Technical specifications

DimensionsLength — 3600 mm, width — 1100 mm, height — 2000 mm, wheelbase — 1680 mm, cleaning width — 2000 mm
WeightCurb weight — 2900 kg, load capacity — 1400 kg, maximum weight — 4300 kg
DriveElectric motors on rear wheels, electronic inverter control with braking generation and torque control
Electric motorsAsynchronous, AC, 9 kW power at constant mode
Batteries2×48 V*1000 Ah, removable, acid/lithium, operation time 8-9 hours
Brakes4 wheel foot brake, disc rear brakes in oil bath, electromechanical parking brake on rear wheels
SuspensionFront and rear independent suspension
Suction systemFan drive, AC electric motor with adjustable speed, steel suction socket
Pickup system2 brushes, ø 750 mm, front position, rotation speed up to 90 rpm, 2 spray nozzles on brushes, front nozzle and suction hose
The hopper for swept materialVolume 1.5 m³, unloading back