Winter cleaning

High quality attachments for front loaders and trailed distributors of anti-icing materials for winter cleaning

{:ru}V-образный отвал для снега Holms PV{:}{:en}V-shaped snow blade Holms PV{:}
V-shaped snow blade Holms PV

V-shaped hinged snow blades Holms PV

{:ru}Диагональный отвал для снега Holms PD{:}{:en}Diagonal snow blade Holms PD{:}
Diagonal snow blade Holms PD

Diagonal snow blades Holms PD

{:ru}Ковш-пескоразбрасыватель Holms SB{:}{:en}Sand-spreading bucket Holms SB{:}
Sand-spreading bucket Holms SB

Rear and front sand-spreading buckets Holms SB